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These are truly extraordinary days for Bloomington.  We've seen remarkable growth in recent years, and we are known regionally and nationally for our wonderful quality of life.  Our challenge is to ensure Bloomington's resilience and sustainability

In the next ten years, Bloomington will build out the Trades District, renew and re-purpose the Hospital Site, launch Switchyard Park, build affordable housing, and continue to renew and strengthen our neighborhoods.  On a broader level, we are challenged to respond to the addiction crisis and to issues of poverty and homelessness in our city.   We need to make informed decisions that support our social, economic and environmental well-being, and that help ensure that everyone can benefit from our success.




To do our best work – to make the best decisions for our city – we need public servants with the following qualities:


SUBSTANTIAL, BROAD-BASED EXPERIENCE – My professional roles and my volunteer service have required collaborations within both the private and public sector.  I've been able to serve the struggling and vulnerable members of our community through the Jack Hopkins Social Service Funding Committee and the CDBG Citizen’s Advisory Committee

and I've worked directly on economic development and the creation of a vibrant, sustainable economy in Bloomington during my five years on Bloomington’s Redevelopment Commission.

ENERGY AND COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY – A native Hoosier, I've lived in Bloomington and Monroe County since 1994, and have a long history of community service and leadership.  It's been my privilege to serve as a leader and advisor for South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities (SCIHO), Habitat for Humanity, Rotary, the Monroe County History Center, First United Methodist Church, TEDxBloomington,  the Monroe County Democratic Party and many other organizations.  


AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE NEEDS AND OPPORTUNITIES IN OUR DISTRICT – Outreach to neighbors and community leaders in Matlock Heights, Blue Ridge, Northwood Estates, Ridgefield, Crescent Bend, Sugarberry, Fritz Terrace, and student neighborhoods has equipped me with a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities in transportation, infrastructure, safety, zoning, economic development and a range of other areas.

Bloomington's long term resilience depends heavily on our economic vitality.   City government has an obligation to explore and pursue strategies that attract new jobs and support local employers.  First, we must realize the vision of Bloomington's Trades District as it promotes innovation and job creation.  In addition, we must maximize our potential as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Friendly City, a designation that allows us to bring in new investment for minority-owned business, community facilities and affordable housing.  Together with fellow members of Bloomington's Redevelopment Commission, I've been able to contribute directly to important projects like these.
Our City Council representatives make critical decisions that impact zoning, infrastructure, new development, parking, public transit and many other issues.  And every day, those decisions shape the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  As your representative on the Council, I will proactively seek your input and I will advocate for resources that will enhance Blue Ridge, Matlock Heights, Ridgefield, Fritz Terrace, Northwood Estates and all the neighborhoods in our District.

Too many in Bloomington face poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, addiction or other issues that keep them from enjoying the quality of life that we all seek.  We have a powerful network of social service agencies in Bloomington, and we owe them our support.  It has been my privilege to serve the struggling and vulnerable members of our community through the Jack Hopkins Social Service Grant Committee and the CDBG Citizen's Advisory Committee, and through my own volunteer roles with Habitat for Humanity, South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities and other groups.

Bloomington is at its best when we have the broadest possible participation by informed citizens.  That requires not only that we be transparent in our work, but that we ensure citizens can easily access the information that shapes our decisions.  We're also at our best when city and county government work together productively on behalf of our citizens.  I  support those practices and processes that allow us to make timely decisions while ensuring accountability and efficiency.


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