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Meet Sue

Community Advocate - Community Leader - Your Voice on City Council

I’m Sue Sgambelluri and I am honored to serve you as your representative  on Bloomington City Council.  Thank you for this opportunity to tell you   about myself.




I was born and raised in Merrillville in Northwest Indiana, and am the daughter of a steelworker and a homemaker.   (I’m also a second-generation American.  My grandparents immigrated to this country from Italy and Lithuania in the 1910s and 1920s.)   My parents worked hard to provide an education and to create opportunities for us.  They also believed deeply in serving their communities, and I’m grateful that they instilled those same values in me.


In the mid-20th century, the steel mills in Gary were by far the largest employers in the area.  Virtually everyone I knew either worked for the mills or for an industry that supported the mills.  Then came the economic downturn.  In just a few years, US Steel went from employing over 30,000 men and women to employing fewer than 8,000.  The area was economically devastated, and so were many families.   In 1983, with me about to enter college, my Dad had to accept forced retirement from US Steel.  He lost a career and work community that he loved, along with years of expected income.  I vividly remember watching my hometown decline in the years that followed, and in some ways, it still hasn't recovered.  I want to help ensure that Bloomington never faces a similar fate.

I've learned that communities can be resilient, but that it takes planning and collaboration and leadership. And that's what I strive to bring to my work on City Council.


I've worked at IU since 1992 and have called Bloomington home since 1994.  In those 25+ years, it has been my privilege to serve the most vulnerable in our community through leadership and advisory roles with Habitat for Humanity, South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities (SCIHO), the CDBG Block Grants Citizens Advisory Committee, the Jack Hopkins Social Service Funding Committee, and many other organizations.

I believe that economic vitality is critical for social well-being, and so I also had the privilege of serving on the City of Bloomington Redevelopment Commission during a particularly exciting time in our history.  Together with many Bloomington leaders, I've worked directly on economic development and the creation of a vibrant sustainable economy in Bloomington with projects like the Trades District, Switchyard Park, and affordable housing.

I have been a professional fundraiser for 15+ years.  As a Director of Development for the College of Arts & Sciences at IU, I work with external partners - both individuals and organizations - and I serve as a catalyst for private support for the University's students, faculty and programs.   If you would like to learn more about my past professional roles and community service please visit my LinkedIn profile

I'd like to hear about the issues that are most important to you, and I hope you'll reach out.  My email is

I’ve always loved Bloomington, and I’ve never been more optimistic or more excited about our future.  Onward!




Sgambelluri 2769web.jpg

Taken at one of my favorite spots

in Bloomington ... Our new co-work space in the Trades District Dimension Mill!


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