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October 21, 2019

Candidate Statement on 
Campaign Finances in District 2

Bloomington voters deserve to be represented by Council members who have a broad base of support – financial and electoral – around Bloomington and in the District they represent. Residents of District 2 on Bloomington’s north side are no exception.

In his Pre-Election Financial Report, Republican Andrew Guenther indicated that his campaign had raised a total of $32,059.81 in 2019.  A staggering $22,500 came directly from the Monroe County Republican Party in the last four months.

It is noteworthy that the local Republican Party began this reporting period with cash-on-hand of less than $3,500.  Between July 4 and September 14, E. Douglas Horn, President of Horn Properties and a Bloomington landlord, made $30,000 in contributions to the Party.  During this same time period, the Republican Party, in turn, made contributions totaling $22,500 to the Guenther Campaign.

Consider the following:
  • In sharp contrast to Mr. Guenther, the amount raised by candidates in contested district races this year ranged from $7,728 (Kate Rosenbarger – District 1) to $640 (Ryan Maloney – District 5). The total raised by candidates in contested districts averaged $2,957.
  • Sue Sgambelluri has raised $4,394.70 from 32 individuals. 75% of those contributors live in in the City of Bloomington and 25% live in District 2. Mr. Guenther has raised $3,675 from only 12 donors. Only 25% live in the City of Bloomington and none live in District 2.
  • In addition Sgambelluri has endorsements and financial support from the Democratic Women’s Caucus ($600), the Bloomington Board of Realtors ($500), and Democracy for Monroe County ($100). She is supported by the Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus.
No other Republicans are running in this election, and so the Republican Party is pouring money into the District 2 race, hoping to influence its outcome.
Quite simply, this high-cost strategy would not be necessary if the Republican Party offered ideas and a candidate that truly resonated with a range of voters in Bloomington.

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