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Sue Sgambelluri

Common Council

City of Bloomington

Representing District 2

Sue's Reelection Campaign
Now Underway!

In 2023, we Bloomington residents will elect a new mayor,

a city clerk, and all nine members of City Council.  And the decisions made by these elected officials will have a big impact on our day-to-day lives for the next four years. 

Since January 2020, it has been my pleasure

– and very much my privilege -

to serve as your representative in city government.  

I’m pleased to share that

on January 4, 2023, I filed to run for reelection

as your District 2 Representative

on Bloomington City Council.


In the last three years we’ve

accomplished a lot together …  


  • Monthly constituent meetings that provide real opportunities for dialogue with me as your representative and with staff leadership from across city administration.

  • New investments in District 2 infrastructure, like the planned multi-use paths on West 17th and on North Dunn.

  • Increased citizen participation in key decisions ranging from changes in Lower Cascades to zoning decisions governing plexes, to an expanded Convention Center.

  • Responses to a myriad of other day to day challenges ranging from occasional potholes to traffic calming in neighborhoods to public safety questions and concerns.


We’ve done a lot … and I believe there’s still more work to do.  In the coming years, we’ll realize the vision for Hopewell and the Trades District, strengthen our neighborhoods, bring important infrastructure projects to completion, expand the Convention Center and its role, and continue to respond to the challenges of homelessness and opioid abuse in our city.


My commitment is much the same as it has been …

To make data-informed decisions that support

our social, economic, and environmental wellbeing

and that help everyone benefit from our success.


April 1, 2023

11:00 am  to 12:30 pm

We'll be meeting

via Zoom this month.  

Click below to join!

Topics This Month:

2023 City Elections
Proposed Road Closure in Lower Cascades

Your Ideas,
Questions, and Comments!


And now I’m asking your help.


  • Reach out!  If you have ideas on how to make Bloomington better or how city government can better serve our residents, then I’d love to hear from you.  Please reach out by phone or email.


  • Get involved in my campaign!  Host a listening session at your home or in your neighborhood.  Make a campaign contribution.  Request a yard sign.  Write a letter of support to the HT. 


Whatever you’re considering, I’d like to talk with you and thank you personally for getting involved!

Sue’s Cell:  812.345.3215

Different time
this month only!


How can Bloomington City Government best serve you?


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