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This is a really big deal.

What changes will you be permitted to make to your property? 

Could you add a “granny flat”? 

What could a developer build on that lot next door

(or down the street)? 

What materials need to be used for

new construction in your neighborhood?


Once finalized, the Unified Development Ordinance (local laws governing land use and development) and the Zoning Map will  answer exactly these kinds of questions for years to come. 


(So again … this is a big deal!)


Where are we in this process?

Approved in April 2020, the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) brings the City’s land use and development laws into closer alignment with the City’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan and supports goals like housing equity, compact urban form, and sustainability. 


So now the rubber meets the road … Through a process called mapping, we actually start applying specific zoning districts (and their associated rules and regulations) to each area of the city, including neighborhoods.  Toward that end …


A draft of Bloomington’s new proposed Zoning Map has been published to the City’s website as part of the last phase of the process of updating these important policy documents. 


In addition to the draft map, the website includes proposed amendments to UDO standards, a proposed zoning changes story map, an interactive map (where you can enter your own address),  and more.


So what comes next?

Starting in early March 2021, the   Plan Commission   will hold multiple public hearings, and Commission members will review and potentially revise the zoning map.  Once a “final” version of the map has been approved by the Plan Commission, the process moves to City Council.


City Council then has 90 days to do one of two things: (1) approve the map (which gives it force of law), or (2) send it back to the Plan Commission with recommended changes (in which case the cycle would start again).  If City Council fails to do either of those things, then the new Zoning Map automatically becomes law.


Both the Plan Commission and City Council will offer multiple opportunities for public comment, and your feedback is welcome and needed.   Help these groups understand how proposed zoning will affect you and your neighborhood.  And please share your feedback through online surveys on the project website.


March 6, 2021

1:30 - 3:00 pm





Topics This Month:


UDO | Proposed Zoning Map

Lower Cascades

Special Guest:

Eric Greulich

Senior Zoning Planner

City of Bloomington


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